Lori has been in the Multifamily Industry for over 10 years.  She is a regular speaker at Industry conferences including AIM, NMHC, NAA and Apartment Association Education Sessions. She is exceptionally passionate in trends that will innovate and pioneer our Industry forward. She is a guest writer and blogger for Multifamily Insiders, and Apartminty and has been highlighted in Units Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for onsite achievements.

Lori holds a NC Broker In Charge license. She and her husband own Kivett Station, a 48 bed townhome community at Campbell University; Spiaggia Beach House and over 18 Single Family Homes.

She and her husband were featured on HGTV following their Spiaggia Beach Rental. She is a proud member of the National Association for Professional Women and is on the Board of Directors with the TAA New Lease on Life Program.

Lori is an Advisory Board Member of the Multifamily Innovation Confernce- Atlanata (MICA)

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Stippling Art

Even the most vivid of memories may be incomplete.  A facial expression, an article of clothing or the location may be the only piece left.  My compositions each represent a moment in time.  Some recollections come intermingled with others, some are blurry, others partial. But all carry with them a wave of emotion. Welcomed or not.

The almost process feels more important than the subject matter to me. If even just one dot didn’t exist the image would appear different – just as if one second of the memory was lost, the whole would be altered.

Stippling allows me to build up the composition, as seconds and minutes build up the moments in your life, which eventually become memories. The transparency of the mylar allows me to create the overlapping and intertwined manor in which some memories come back to us.

Kori Albrecht creates Art using only dots, no lines.  The finished products are amazing and are wonderful memory points to display.  She will happily customize an Art piece for your specific business or needs.