Our team will evaluate marketing goals, brand vision, ROI/demographic/lead management reporting, business intelligence and competitor information to make sure that the marketing plan is right on target for your needs.  We can do this at any stage of the property.

With the 30-day performance playbook- we will be alongside the team to execute.  With other services, we will develop and review the playbook with Regional Manager or Team Members to make sure they understand how to initiate.

What’s Included In The Services?

Comprehensive Data Review

  • Evaluation of all Ad sources/Marketing
  • Assess ROI reports, demographics, call services, lead management
  • Budget Review
  • Leasing Goals- Conversion Performance, Call Service Analysis, Monthly Goals
  • Brand Performance or Rebrand

Website Assessment

  • Analytic Study
  • SEM/PPC/Geofencing/Remarketing/SEO
  • Email marketing and drip campaign
  • Blog options
  • Website overlay programs (for conversions)
  • Text/Instant Message opportunities

Social Media Vision and Performance

  • Strategy Development
  • Influencer Marketing, Content Curation, Paid Ads, Engagement Analysis
  • App Programs
  • Social Analytics
  • Best Practices
  • Reputation and Ratings Management
  • Strategy for ongoing Review Responses

Experiential Marketing and Outreach

  • Experiential Marketing and Outreach
  • Resident Programs, Retention Programs, Preferred Employer Programs, Pet Performance, Events, Outreach, Service/App Programs
  • Realtors/Corporate Housing Programs, Pop-Up Events, Open Houses
  • Video Marketing and Photography Direction
  • 3D Video and Matterports
  • Promotional Needs
  • Signage Assessment

Design Consultation

  • Design and ID Recommendations
  • Amenity Programming
  • Incorporating the property brand into the space
  • Highlighting or creating WOW spaces

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